Look Ma, I’m On TV!

tonight i got to chat with people both in Canada and the Bahamas as the episode of ‘Untold Stories of the ER’ i worked on in the summer premiered on TLC [i already got to watch it with my parents on Discovery Life on the 1st, which was nice!].


meet my TV-coworker and my TV-fiance’ haha

as i mentioned in my first post, i have been on TV already for this year, but this role was also my first Principal TV role [with lines, and everything!], and it was also interesting playing someone out of type [choir-girl nurse who is engaged to someone else, haha].

the episode is called ‘Shocking!’ and my specific segment is ‘Family Matters’.  according to my dad it’ll be back on Discovery Life on 3 pm this Sunday, 9 pm on Tue 12 Jan and midnight Wed 13 Jan [not surre about TLC but i’m still it will be at some point and will update accordingly], so there are still opportunities for people to catch it if they’re so inclined~


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