The Hopeful Star


The Star from the Shadowscapes Tarot deck, painted by Stephanie Pui-Min Law.  i could wax poetic about this deck for millenia…

my first inclination towards the magical life was my fascination with tarot cards and their usage in divination.  it started off as wanting to learn how they worked [as i still harbour plans to create my own working deck, and simply drawing pretty pictures without understanding is not particularly interesting to me], but very quickly became an awakened fondness for these pack of cards and what answers one can glean from their dazzling pictures.  it does so happen that i own two physical decks and i do greatly enjoy learning their individual intricacies.


but a quick fix, i turn to the Galaxy Tarot app on my phone.  there’s certainly no reason why a digital app shouldn’t be any more powerful or potent than one i can hold in my hands, and so I use the app to give me a Card of the Day, which i then jot down in my daily planner before i go about my daily business [even if that business is snoozing in my living room while my birds chirp to themselves!].  while i continue to get my bearings in my home, it’s a small act that i do for myself, to stay connected to the side of myself that is wilder and more in tune with life’s larger magic than what i can freely express while i’m here.  i’m still learning that side of myself!

it’s today’s card that prompts this entry.  The Star.

i’ve done a commissioned illustration for a client before with this card. so it’s one i know the meaning of very well.  it’s one of the nicest cards in a traditional Tarot deck, as its keyword is Hope, or Encouragement.  i also like it because of the card it follows [as the Major Arcana illustrate a Journey, when taken in sequence].  it follows the chaos and turmoil of the Tower before it,  and therefore signals that the Querent is open to a gentle and transformative healing process of the spirit.  this card helps to facilitate a step forward into the light, with the trust in a higher power that all will indeed be well.

in reverse, the card may mean that you are still stuck in the Tower’s shadow, and are waiting for a sign to proceed to higher ground, [or to the Messiah you seek, as the Wise Men looked for- for my more Biblically-minded readers *smile*].  or depending on the deck’s interpretation- perhaps you are taking the wrong path to your intended destination, and this card acts as the gentle voice saying ‘hey! wrong way!’.  or gentler, still,  ‘this is just a setback, i promise you’.

it’s easy to extrapolate your own associations with a Tarot reading, especially with only one card presented to you [the more cards introduced, the more nuanced a reading you can obtain- or perhaps it’ll just muddy the waters further!].  i think that is why Tarot is so universally powerful- something will connect with you!   so i can’t really say that i don’t see this card, the Star, mirrored in my life right now.  it’s very apt, and encouraging.  and scary.

why scary?  because things do look very dim right now.  the Star is not the Moon [which gives out a lot more light and is closer, yet secretive in nature], nor is it the Sun [which is MUCH stronger and brighter, but with its own dangers of being over-powering].  maybe this is just the signal of the setback we had come to expect.   i do not feel as Hopeful today, but this is only one day, and there are always more days ahead.  the minute we give in to that despair and lose that sense of Hope- then what do i have but a stumble through the dark?

huh.  writing that out helped out more than i thought it would 🙂


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