as i have officially hit the ‘restlessness’ point of my time at home, i’ve been trying to figure out what exactly i would like to do to continue persuing the Androsia Adventures whilst i’m here!  i don’t think that these are things i’ll be able to immediately, by any means [after all i’m still relearning parts of the island and have yet to get behind the wheel of a car to take myself anywhere], BUT it’s always good to have a game-plan for when i CAN, yes?

so!  what would Androsia Wilde like to do?

  1. Get new headshots [as my hair is still long post-wedding] and maybe some promotional shots as well?
  2. Reacquaint myself with the local fabric stores [for eventual costuming needs, of course]
  3. Listen to Bahamian music to eventually work on Bahamian-themed burlesque routines [old favorites and new stuff!]
  4. Incorporate Junkanoo-styled costuming and dance into my routines [which means i need to make a visit to the Valley Boys at some point!]
  5. Get in contact with one of the local Bahamas Carnival groups for possible networking opportunities~
  6. Work at least ONE Bahamian-based creative project: TV show, comedy skit, commercial, etc
  7. Work with at least ONE Bahamian clothing designer
  8. Look into corporate gigs? Surely someone out there would pay for some cabaret-showgirl entertainment? *wink*

i’m sure there are more ideas that will come up as i continue to get my toes wet and re-immerse myself into this island living!  if you think of anything else i should get into, by all means leave a suggestion!


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