Two Months, A Fool

a lot can happen in two months, huh?

  1. i got a job!  it took a while of feeling some internal despair, but i finally  am back in the bahamian workforce.  i’m working as a walking tour guide for a company here in town, helping our visitors obtain a different viewpoint of the Bahamas instead of just pretty beaches [although let’s be real, that’s a big and valid draw].  the added touch to this tour is that i get to tell visitors amazing stories about our culture and history, while they get to enjoy some local cuisine and BOOZE [because they are advertised as beer and rum tours!].  the job is very taxing, in the sense that i do put out a lot of energy throughout each tour, and feel quite drained afterwards.  but it’s the good kind of draining, in the sense that storytelling is something that i do enjoy doing, and it comes naturally to me, so i don’t mind ending my day and feeling like i got hit by a truck, haha.
  2. i turned 27! it was probably the most ‘normal’ birthday i’ve ever celebrated, as the 22nd of February was when i started my job.  but it was still a good day.  i received a lot of love from people i haven’t seen in years, and from my beloved second family in Vancouver, as well.  it was a humbling experience to be away from social media for the day [because work] and then coming home to hundreds of messages.  at that point mentally i had more or less come to terms with the very-possible permanence of my situation here in Nassau, so to see the manifestation of those 6 years of bond-forming in another land result in such an outpouring of support was really, really special.
  3. i booked my first gig! or more accurately, i created my first gig!  while watching the local news with my parents i noticed a story featuring a local talent show, and its founder was talking about its plans for a second iteration.  i managed to locate him on FB and inquire about having a showgirl in the mix, which he readily accepted- in fact, he went as far as to propose an entirely new show concept as more of an ‘after party’ for adult audiences- but it would feature ME as the headliner~ i’ve even done the graphic design work for the poster/tickets, because well why wouldn’t i *wink*


    not bad, right?

  4. i have made friends! i have reconnected with old!  i have made the resolution to not give a fuck anymore about what people think of me, and i’m -slowly- being more honest with people about the magical side of me, the witch i have cultivated in silence and secrecy.  i’m not quite yet in a position where i can blare that truth from the rooftops- i do still reside with my Christian parents, and i remain respectful of their beliefs by not taking a hammer to the facade and shattering it completely.  but i continue my studies and have even made friends with people here in town that believe like i do in the esoteric.  a welcome surprise to be sure!
  5. i have renewed hope- and that is where The Fool comes in.  i’m still keeping up with my daily tarot draws courtesy of the Galaxy Tarot app on my phone, and today’s card is The Fool.  it’s the beginning of a journey, an experience, or an opportunity- and more importantly, it’s the knowledge that anything and everything is possible, so long as you have the courage to take that first step.

    today is also the day that my husband submitted his permanent residency application, after receiving the CIC nomination nearly two months ago.

    obviously i’m sweating bullets over here.  the last two months have been spent with the two of us making a mad dash on opposite sides of the continent, trying to secure all the documentation and funds that we needed within the time limit.  there were a lot of hiccups and frustration, and a lot of logistical planning.  but amazingly- amazingly- things fell into place.  our parents stepped up to help wherever they could, and friends and family-friends offered assistance in remarkable ways.  angels have swooped down in our last, dark hours and literally pulled our asses out of the fire.  today, we have been able to submit everything with precious few days to spare, and in the best circumstances possible- with both of us holding a job so that we can start to build the foundation to a future where either he returns to me or i return to him- either way, what bliss ❤



as i have officially hit the ‘restlessness’ point of my time at home, i’ve been trying to figure out what exactly i would like to do to continue persuing the Androsia Adventures whilst i’m here!  i don’t think that these are things i’ll be able to immediately, by any means [after all i’m still relearning parts of the island and have yet to get behind the wheel of a car to take myself anywhere], BUT it’s always good to have a game-plan for when i CAN, yes?

so!  what would Androsia Wilde like to do?

  1. Get new headshots [as my hair is still long post-wedding] and maybe some promotional shots as well?
  2. Reacquaint myself with the local fabric stores [for eventual costuming needs, of course]
  3. Listen to Bahamian music to eventually work on Bahamian-themed burlesque routines [old favorites and new stuff!]
  4. Incorporate Junkanoo-styled costuming and dance into my routines [which means i need to make a visit to the Valley Boys at some point!]
  5. Get in contact with one of the local Bahamas Carnival groups for possible networking opportunities~
  6. Work at least ONE Bahamian-based creative project: TV show, comedy skit, commercial, etc
  7. Work with at least ONE Bahamian clothing designer
  8. Look into corporate gigs? Surely someone out there would pay for some cabaret-showgirl entertainment? *wink*

i’m sure there are more ideas that will come up as i continue to get my toes wet and re-immerse myself into this island living!  if you think of anything else i should get into, by all means leave a suggestion!